Quarry Bank Primary School

and Speech and Language Centre

Staffing 2021 - 2022

Leadership Team

Alex Rawlings (Mr) Headteacher/Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Jayne Westwood (Mrs) Deputy Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead/LAC/Attendance/Assessment/Inclusion/Equal opportunities/ Student mentor/CPD Coordinator
Suzanne Roff (Mrs) Years 4-6 Lead/Year 6 Teacher/English Leader
Julie Hingley (Mrs) Early Years Foundation Stage Manager (including Pre-Nursery)/ Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead/SENDCo/Administration of Medication in School Coordinator)
Vicky Hale (Mrs) Years 1-3 Lead/Year 2 Teacher/Mathematics Leader
Diane Belfort (Mrs) School Business Manager

Teaching Staff

Julie Hingley (Mrs) Early Early Years Foundation Stage Manager (including Pre-Nursery)
Lucy Valentine (Mrs) Teacher Early Years - Reception (0.4 FTE)
Munaza Qamar (Mrs) Teacher Early Years - Reception (0.6 FTE)
Deb Waldron (Mrs) Year 1 Teacher (0.5 FTE)
Ruth Peakman (Miss) Year 1 Teacher (0.6 FTE)
Lauren Harper (Miss) Year 1 and 2 Teacher
Vicky Hale (Mrs) Year 2 Teacher/Years 1-3 Lead/Mathematics Leader
Emily Wheeler (Mrs) Years 3 and 4 Teacher
Elaine Munnelly (Mrs) Teacher/PPA (0.6 FTE)
Laura Nicholls (Miss) Year 3 Teacher
Jason Bateman (Mr) Year 4 Teacher
Christopher Southall (Mr) Year 5 Teacher
Suzanne Roff (Mrs) Year 5 Teacher
Lucie Welch-Tromans (Miss) Year 6 Teacher
Julia Koszary (Miss) Year 6 Teacher/Years 4-6 Lead/English Leader

Support Staff - Teaching Assistants

Janet Thomlinson (Miss) Learning Mentor
Adele Avery (Mrs) Foundation Stage
Charlene Woodall (Mrs) Foundation Stage
Sarah Williams (Miss) Foundation Stage
Sharon Adlam (Mrs) Foundation Stage
Wendy Robinson (Ms) Foundation Stage
Wendy Quigley (Mrs) Foundation Stage
Sam Cash (Miss) Key Stage 1
Alina Ciuperca (Mrs) Key Stage 1
Sharon Hutchinson (Mrs) Key Stage 1
Helen Price (Miss) Key Stage 1
Amanda Cope (Mrs) Key Stage 2
Jodie Hart (Mrs) Key Stage 2
Tara Tyler (Mrs) Key Stage 2
Sarah Caswell-Price (Mrs) Key Stage 2
Elizabeth Oakley (Miss) Foundation Stage
Hollie Blunt (Miss) Foundation Stage
Fiona Baker (Miss) Foundation Stage
Gillian Taylor (Mrs) Key Stage 2
Jane Hanbury (Miss) Key Stage 2
Naomi Amphlett (Miss) Reading Champion

Speech and Language Centre (Non-commissioned Local Authority managed)

Emily Hodges (Mrs) Lead Specialist Teacher
Leanne Forsythe (Mrs) Specialist Outreach Teacher
Nicola Fletcher (Mrs) Specialist Outreach Teaching Assistant
Elizabeth Richards (Mrs) Specialist HLTA
Helen Burgess-Young (Mrs) Specialist Teaching Assistant

Administrative Staff

Diane Belfort (Mrs) Business Manager
Jeanette Clark (Mrs) Administrative Assistant
Sharon Matthews (Mrs) Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
Jazmin Hall (Miss) Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Premises and Cleaning Staff

Michael Robins (Mr) Part Time Site Manager
Simon Heritage (Mr) Part Time Caretaker
Jill Westwood (Miss) Cleaner
Diane Billingham (Mrs) Cleaner
Peggy Price (Mrs) Cleaner
Sarah Hannon (Mrs) Cleaner
Jazmin Hall (Miss) Cleaner
Sharon Priest (Mrs) Cleaner
Alexandra Mitra (Miss) 'As and When' Cleaner

Lunchtime Supervisory Staff

Ann Cutler (Mrs) Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Linda Hill (Mrs) Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Wendy Bridgens (Mrs) Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Sarah Hannon (Mrs) Lunchtime Superintendent
Alina Ciuperca (Mrs) Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Hollie Blunt (Miss) Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Tara Tyler (Mrs) Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Sharon Wood (Mrs) Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Hayley Cox (Miss) Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Tina Cooper (Mrs) Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Gillian Taylor (Mrs) 'As and When' Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Donna Harris (Mrs) Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Fiona Baker (Miss) 'As and When' Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

School Kitchen Staff

Brenda Amos (Mrs) Catering Manager
Donna Comley (Miss) Catering Assistant
Kim Carty-Knight (Mrs) Catering Assistant
Zoe Holt (Ms) Catering Assistant
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