History and Geography at Quarry Bank

Welcome to the Humanities page. On this page you will find the key information about the Quarry Bank History and Geography provision. 

Meet the team

All of us obtained our fascination for History during primary school, which has continued into adulthood. Mr Bateman learned the order of all the Kings and Queens of England since 1066 at the age of six and can still remember them, although he’s not as fast now! Meanwhile, Mrs Hale was left spellbound as a Year 4 child after learning of the Curse of Tutankhamun… an enchantment that encouraged her to delve deeper into Egyptology. Each of us have our own particular interests… For Miss Koszary, it’s the Russian revolution and 20th century Europe, and for Mrs Hale, it’s the Medieval period and World War II. Mr Bateman’s favourites are the Wars of the Roses, the Tudors and the Stuarts, whereas for Mr Southall, it’s the Ancient World and local history. In fact, before venturing into teaching, Mr Southall worked at the Black Country Living Museum, where he found himself involved in the filming of Peaky Blinders!

As for Geography, Miss Koszary has climbed the highest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales, so what she doesn't know about mountains isn't worth knowing! Mr Southall has an 'A' level in Geology, so knows all his rocks, minerals and fossils. Mr Bateman has journeyed to six of the seven continents; highlights include volunteering in The Gambia, seeing the Northern Lights in the Arctic, travelling on the Bullet Train in Japan and trekking through the cloud forest in Ecuador. Mrs Hale, another globetrotter, has found herself in the Middle East a few times, taking in more than a few biblical sites in Jordan, Israel, Palestine and also, inevitably, Egypt - plus a few jaunts to the Americas and the Mediterranean amongst others. It's our planet - let's enjoy learning about it!

The Humanities Overview

We spent a long time thinking about what we specifically needed to teach to our Quarry Bank children. History and Geography are the subjects that set the narrative to our non-core curriculum, so it was essential that we got it right.

The National Curriculum specifies the history and geography content that should be taught.

Using a History and Geography Progression Document helped us to identify what we needed to specifically teach within each phase. 

Planning an ambitious curriculum that was focussed on our local geography and history, but also promoted diversity so that our children could have experiences beyond what they would normally come across, was always at the forefront of our mind. We are confident that we have achieved this! 

Our next step is to map the powerful knowledge and concepts to our overview so that we can be sure that we plan as many opportunities to re-visit and deepen learning. That way, the children will have a high-quality and long-term understanding of the content that has been delivered.

How We Teach History and Geography at Quarry Bank

In order to give the subjects that we teach the credence that they deserve, we need to consider how we teach each subject discipline. Here is how we will deliver our History and Geography curriculum.

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