Healthy Hearts at Quarry Bank

Welcome to the Healthy Hearts page. On this page you will find the key information about the Quarry Bank Science and PE provision. 

Meet the Team

Lucie Welch-Tromans - Science

Ruth Peakman - PE


The Healthy Hearts Overview

Science and PE are two subjects that go hand-in-hand. Health and the human body link the subjects well, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities to develop concepts and deepen understanding across both subjects.

The National Curriculum specifies the Science and PE content that should be taught.

Using a Science and PE Progression Document helped us to identify what we needed to specifically teach within each phase.

Our Science and PE curriculum will allow the children to put theory into practice. In Science the children are required to develop a good base of knowledge so that they can make informed hypothesis before an investigation. Likewise, in PE, children need to understand theory, technique and strategy before they can apply their skills in a practical context. There are some fantatsic role-models within both subjects that we will harness to ensure children are motivated and enthused to achieve. Our overview for both subjects is mapped below.

How We Teach Science and PE at Quarry Bank

In order to give the subjects that we teach the credence that they deserve, we need to consider how we teach each subject discipline. Here is how we will deliver our Science and PE curriculum.

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