Expressive Arts at Quarry Bank

Welcome to the Expressive Arts page. On this page you will find the key information about the Quarry Bank Art and Music provision. 

Meet the team

Miss Harper has always had a passion for music and the arts from an early age. She spent her childhood watching her parents perform as professional musicians on stage and was encouraged to join them for the occasional encore. Her love for music grew during primary school as she learned to play the piano through Dudley Performing Arts as well as developing a curiosity for different genres of music. Thanks to her skilled and passionate music teacher, Miss Highfield, Miss Harper even had the opportunity to perform at her own teacher's wedding! During secondary school Miss Harper ‘found her voice’ and began to perform in a choir and as a soloist.

Mrs Harper has had the pleasure of leading the school choir, who have participated in some very exciting events such as performing at the symphony hall in Birmingham. Additionally, she has been able to see first-hand how music and the arts can be a universal language when using it to support my teaching of the English Language in both Hong Kong and The Gambia.

"I truly believe that both Music and The Arts are an essential and valued part of our curriculum and really enable our children to find their own voice and to experience new and exciting cultures, ideas, people and opportunities and ultimately have exposure to the best that has been thought, said, created and performed."

Mrs Roff always enjoyed Music and the Expressive Arts at school. She learnt to play the piano at the age of 7, passing her grades 1-3 exams-both practical and theory. She also learnt how to play the recorder and performed in her primary school orchestra as part of the woodwind section. After mastering the descant recorder, Mrs Roff learnt how to play the treble and soprano recorders and represented her school at the Worcester Music Festival. Being able to read music, helped Mrs Roff to pass her GCSE music exam and prepared her for teaching the recorder for many years. She also enjoyed playing as a member of a recorder quartet for several years.

‘Music and the expressive arts are an essential part of the curriculum which allow all children to develop their own creativity.’

The Expressive Arts Overview

Art and Music are two of the most loved subjects that primary school children experience. They offer the children a fantastic chance to express themselves and develop life-long skills that they can further develop as they move on to secondary school.

The National Curriculum specifies the Art and Music content that should be taught.

Using an Art and Music Progression Document helped us to identify what we needed to specifically teach within each phase. 

Our Art and Music curriculum has to be able to inspire children to be creative and persevere in further developing their skill in these subjects. Both disciplines require attention, focus, and concentration. We wanted to build in explicit teacher instruction to develop children's drawing skills and understanding of the principles of music, but we also wanted to broaden children's experience of both these subjects, so we have tried hard to include as many amazing artists and musicians in to our curriculum as possible. We want the best that has been created and performed to be within touching distance of our children. How we will acheive that is mapped in our curriculum overview below.

Our next step is to map the powerful knowledge, skills and concepts to our overview so that we can be sure that we plan as many opportunities to re-visit and deepen learning. That way, the children will have a high-quality and long-term understanding of the content and skills that have been delivered.

How We Teach Art and Music at Quarry Bank

In order to give the subjects that we teach the credence that they deserve, we need to consider how we teach each subject discipline. Here is how we will deliver our Art and Music curriculum.

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