Quarry Bank Primary School Governing Body

By Law a school is required to have a Governing Body. Governors of a school are a group of people who help to lead the school. They make policy decisions which make the school run smoothly and they help to shape the vision, ethos and direction of the school.
The Governing Body:
  • Hold the Headteacher and senior leaders to account for the overall performance of the school and its outcomes for pupils;
  • Oversee the financial performance of the school and evaluate how the school budget and any other income is spent so that it has the best impact on pupil outcomes;
  • Agree and support the school's standards of behaviour and attendance;
  • Ensure the National Curriculum is taught;
  • Make sure the school environment is safe and well maintained - meeting health and safety requirements - and that safeguarding processes are in place and effective;
  • Interview and appoint staff;
  • Has legal duties, powers and responsibilities and act as a corporate body ie as a whole.
Please note, due to current vacancies on the Governing Body, should staff dismissal appeals committee be needed, experienced independent Governors from local schools may be approached. Should pupil dismissal committee need to be called, Governors with no prior knowledge of the case will undertake the duty or experienced independent Governors from another school will be approached.

2018/2019 overall attendance at Governing Body meetings = 84%

How can you contact the Governing Body?

We welcome suggestions and feedback and are happy to provide information if you are thinking about becoming a Governor.
The Chair of Governors, Neil Dawes, can be contacted via the school office.

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