Curriculum Development 2019-20

It is an exciting time at Quarry Bank Primary School! This year, we’re committing a lot of time and resources to developing our whole-school curriculum. We have an obligation to our children – they are entitled to a world-class curriculum that offers them the best possible opportunity to succeed. The curriculum will be planned and sequenced so that the understanding of key concepts is deepened. Connections will be made around a topic (schema-building) so that children understand how their learning is inter-linked within and across subjects. All children should be able to access the curriculum and experience success in doing so.

Teachers will be confident that their subject knowledge is strong enough to deliver a sequence of learning with precision and clarity. They will focus on developing the long-term learning of children, not just the here-and-now. With that in mind, retrieval practice will feature throughout the curriculum so that children are encouraged and supported in remembering what they have been taught so that teachers are confident in saying that children have learnt something well. This will be supported by assessments that we ask the children to take part in.

Reading opportunities will be emphasised and texts will be matched to the curriculum being studied. This will further support the deepening of understanding that children have about a concept. Children will be routinely presented with reading that relates to their subject so that they have opportunities to read widely and with increased challenge.

We are firmly committed to getting this right and whilst we understand the huge task that is in front of us, we recognise the time and consideration required to do it well.

Here are the steps that we will be taking this year:

The first step has already been taken and it is clear that there are some fantastic things happening at Quarry Bank. The children enjoy their curriculum, likewise teachers love teaching it.

The second step has also already happened. At the start of the year, teachers and support staff at Quarry Bank spent a lot of time considering what our children specifically needed from a curriculum. It was decided that the children needed a curriculum that would help them to be ambitious, excited, inspired, articulate, curious, and knowledgeable. As a result, the Quarry Bank Curriculum Drivers were developed.

These drivers were then organised into phases so that it would be clear to teachers, children, and parents what exactly would be expected to be seen in each year group so that we knew children were having the opportunity to experience or develop the specific qualities that we believe they need.


Our next job is to create well-sequenced overviews for each subject so that knowledge and skills are built on year after year. We've already made huge steps towards starting this body of work so we look forward to sharing our results soon!

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