Our Quarry Bank Curriculum design is based on the National Curriculum Programmes of Study. This is then used to inform skills and progression documents that outline the progression of skills that should be taught and to determine when they should be taught across the primary phase.

Likewise, we have our whole-school Quarry Bank Curriculum Drivers that determine our focus so that we are confident that our curriculum is tailored to the needs of our children. Each driver is then considered across phases so that we know what they should look like in each phase and so that they are progressive in their application.

Both the phase curriculum drivers and the curriculum progression documents then inform the specific subject overviews so that we can ensure that topics within subjects are linked and concepts deepened both across subjects and within subjects. 

This will culminate in the creation of our whole-school curriculum overview. 

Currently we are working on creating our subject overviews, which is a very important stage of the process - it is also the stage that we, as teachers, love the most!

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