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Please find all relevant documentation that relates to our response to Coronavirus

Quarry Bank Primary School will be re-opening to all children on Wednesday 2nd September. There will be a period of transition during the first couple of weeks for children attending EYFS. 

As of Monday 28th September, please be aware of the drop-off window at the start of the day and the staggered collection times:

Nursery am: 8.45am – 11.45am

Nursery pm: 12.30pm – 3.30pm

Reception: Children can enter from 8.40am - 9.00am and will be collected at 3.00pm through their normal entrance at the front of the building. Please remember that to exit the setting you must walk across the Reception outdoor space and leave through the gate to the log roll.

Year 1 to Year 6: Children can enter from 8.40am - 9.00am. This time is flexible so that parents with more than one child do not have to wait on the school premises. Parents will not be permitted to walk down the log roll but will instead allow their children to walk in to school as normal from the log roll gate. There will be members of staff on the log roll to supervise the entry of children but they are not to be in contact with parents. Please use Class Dojo or call the school office to make any enquiries.

Staggered collection still needs to be in place to ensure that bubbles of children do not mix, however we have shortened this time so that parents are waiting on site for the least time possible. We would strongly encourage parents to drop-off and collect their children then leave immediately. 

Collection times are as follows:

3.00pm - Reception

3.05pm - Year 1 and 2

3.10pm - Year 3 and 4

3.15pm - Year 5 and 6


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